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We are incredibly excited to announce that our next in-house production is Blackadder which is coming February 2024! Please read on and download the audition pack for all the information you need about this production.

Download the audition pack here

Sunday 5th November 10am – 1pm – Conquest Theatre
Tuesday 7th November 7.30pm – 9pm – HALO Centre

There will be a total of six evening performances on the following dates:
Thursday 22nd February
Friday 23rd February
Saturday 24th February
Thursday 29th February
Friday 1st March
Saturday 2nd March

Actors who are successfully cast need to understand that they MUST be available for all the following key dates:
Sunday 11th February 10am – 6pm | TECH REHEARSAL
Sunday 18th February 10am – 6pm | DRESS REHEARSAL
Tuesday 20th February 6pm | FULL SHOW CONDITIONS REHEARSAL

Weekly rehearsals will be Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons starting Thursday 7th December, with the addition of Tuesday evenings from January onwards. A schedule will be created to specify which rehearsals you need to attend. Please ensure you can commit fully to rehearsals. Lack of attendance affects the rest of the company and could result in recasting.

To take part in a production here at the Conquest Theatre, it is required that all actors who wish to be in a production are to subscribe to our On-stage Membership by the first rehearsal. For more information about this membership, please visit our website:
Anyone without a membership will not be able to participate in productions.

AUDITIONS – 5th November (7th November)
10.00am/7.30pm | Registration
Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to complete a registration form before the auditions.
10.30am/7.40pm | Introduction
The audition process and performances of Blackadder will be discussed in more detail. There will also be warm up activities.
11.00am/7.50pm | Drama auditions
For those who wish to audition for principle parts, you will be given a short, scripted scene to practice in small groups and perform.
12.00pm/8.30pm | Singing auditions
For those who wish to audition for the ‘Greek chorus’, please prepare a song of your choice that is approximately 60 seconds long. This should demonstrate your singing ability but does not need to be relevant to the show. You may sing a Capella or with music; if you use music, please bring it on a device that can be played through an aux cable or CD.
These auditions are open for members aged 18+ only. Actors are permitted to audition for as many roles as they wish. You may request an excerpt from the script before the audition by contacting the director, if you wish, but this is not essential.

We will be performing 3 episodes, each one being approximately 30 minutes in length, from Series 2 of Blackadder, which was set in Elizabethan England
A young woman named Kate who disguises herself as “Bob” gets a job as Blackadder’s servant, but naturally he falls in love with her. Not knowing her true nature, this causes him some upset. Hilarity ensues and when Edmund finds out she’s a girl after all, they decide to marry, until the wedding is interrupted by no other than Lord Flashheart!
Edmund is appointed lord high executioner. He moves a beheading forward from Wednesday to Monday, so he and his staff can enjoy some time off, but when the Queen allows Lord Farrow’s wife to visit her husband in prison before his originally scheduled execution, Blackadder has to pretend to be Farrow, disguising himself with a bag over his head. He didn’t take into account the queen’s tendency to change her mind.
Edmund’s aunt and uncle, the two most fanatical Puritans in England, are coming to dinner to discuss his inheritance. But Edmund has bet Lord Melchett that he can outdrink him and has agreed to host the drinking party on the same night. Edmund famously can’t hold his liquor and must host two parties in one night, convince his puritanical aunt he is a model Christian, and win his bet with Lord Melchett.

For all the information about the audition and the production, download the audition pack here.

We hope to see you at the auditions for Blackadder and we wish you good luck!
If you have any questions about the audition pieces or characters, or are unable to attend the auditions, please contact the director by email:

🎄 Conquest Christmas Showcase 🎄

We know it’s early to start talking about the C word 🤫 but we are too excited to keep this quiet and we want YOU to be part of the Conquest Christmas Showcase the drama group are putting together!

Are you wanting to spread the Christmas joy and start the festive period right…?

Well come and be part of this showcase, where there will be singing, dancing, poems and much more (mince pies and mulled wine more😍)

We want this showcase to involve everyone aged 18+ who wants to participate! You might want to sing a carol, perform a sketch or read a poem. This event will take place on 17th December 7pm and will be a showcase of all the talent the Conquest has to offer! So get involved today!

Please contact:
Lisa Legge or Emily Chambers to get involved.

If you have any questions or queries about the show then please get in touch.