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Schools Pack

What will we do this panto? Pantomimes are cancelled and villains have been made redundant! What are they going to do? Join Captain Hook, Smee, The Evil Queen, Abanazar, Carabosse and the Ugly Stepsisters in a ‘Zoom’ call as they try to muddle their way through this strange and tricky time. With songs and laughs along the way, will they manage to get back to their usual tricks and schemes?

Are you interested in showing #Panto_Demic! in your school? Look no further, check out our #Panto_Demic! schools pack, bringing the fun and laughter of panto straight to the classroom. The schools pack contains:

  • Two copies of the #Panto_Demic! DVD
  • Two copies of the #Panto_Demic! CD which features a full original soundtrack
  • Lyrics of all the songs
  • Stickers
  • Teacher’s activity pack bursting with activities to boost literacy and art skills!

To enquire about this schools pack please contact Rebecca Cook.

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